Saturday, July 5, 2014

What Would Grandpa Say?

 What Would Grandpa Say?

Born in the middle of the last century, I have seen our nation and the world go through some tremendous changes.

 Growing up in the fifties and sixties, we knew our neighbors and interacted with them almost daily.

 We were taught to treat others as we wanted to be treated and that everyone has a right to their own opinion about anything, and we respected those opinions whether we agreed with them or not. Nowadays, those who disagree tend to get personal or even violent.

 I guess every generation sees changes which they don't like. I remember my grandfather saying "This younger generation is goin' to the dogs." I guess he was right in a way...We all loved Elvis's "Hound Dog", but some of the older  folks thought Elvis was a bad influence.

 I recall the movies. We saw them mostly at the drive-in picture show. John Wayne and Roy Rogers dashing across the giant screen in pursuit of the bad guys. We never heard them curse and if anyone got killed, it was the bad guy, and they usually only got a shoulder wound which the town doc would fix when they got him to the jail.

 I wonder.....What would Granpa say about the younger generation now?

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  1. Now we don't even have drive-ins. The younger generation doesn't need them for the purpose our generation primarily used them for, and they can watch movies at home with their own popcorn.